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Funding for Vaccine Center in La Zona Sur, Bolivia

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We are an international 501c(3) nonprofit that serves the health and sanitation needs of underprivileged communities in Cochabamba, Bolivia through education, infrastructure, and research.

Our Challenge


of Bolivians have access to improved sanitation facilities 

Bolivia is a landlocked South American country that suffers from extreme levels of poverty, particularly among indigenous populations


In 2015, we had a crazy idea. What if we could build a primary care health center for 10,000+ indigenous families in Cochabamba, Bolivia who don't have easy access to basic health services?

In September 2018, after over three years of planning

and nine months of construction,

we opened our clinic and treated our very first patient.

Screen Shot 2017-03-04 at 1.49.44 AM.png

to help us maintain our health center and create a happier healthier world

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