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Covid-19 Relief projects

Food Distribution


In conjunction with Fundación Nuqanchik, we put together an extensive proposal to purchase and distribute food to the families of la zona sur. We extensively researched all of the precautions and safety guidelines that major organizations, such as food banks and public health departments, suggest we take in order to distribute the food as safe and smoothly as possible. Our on-the-ground partners informed us community members were finding it difficult to attain food. This allowed many families to continue sheltering in place rather than breaking quarantine in hopes of supporting their families. 



We put together a list of approximately 10 items, including rice, oil, sugar, flour, and soap. These items were then purchased in bulk by our partners at Nuqanchik, and then distributed to the families. The process of purchasing and distribution of food took 3 days. The food would last 4-6 weeks. 


In total, 99 families signed in to receive food. Food was able to be safely distributed. The positive experience within the community allowed us to execute this food distribution twice.

Vaccination Center


The COVID-19 pandemic interrupted operations at the Integrated Health Center, including vaccine administration for nearby youth and adult populations. As it stands now, barriers due logistical complications and lack of space are preventing vaccines from being stored at the integrated health center. This has left  many children within the nearby population unvaccinated and without basic health protections.



In collaboration with the local Ministry of Health and non-profit groups, our team plans to expand the integrated health center to construct a vaccine center, allowing for storage and administration of vaccines through and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, the extra space will allow for a faster, more effective response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic once vaccines targeting SARS-CoV-2 are readily available to the general public in Bolivia.


Through this project and other initiatives, we hope to expand the number and quality of services offered by the clinic, so that the local government will take it over entirely.  



In collaboration with Bolivian community based non-profits, our team has produced and distributed a series of manuals aimed to provide a centralized, credible information to community members. Our goal with this is to combat the rampant misinformation being circulated in the media.

Cómo Mantener el Bienestar Durante el COVID-19

Social Media Campaign

With support of our on-the-ground partners, we have been able to leverage our social media presence to circulate COVID-19 information in Spanish and Quechua. Through this we hope to counter misinformation, as well as provide information on preventative measures to maintain health in an accessible way.


Resource Expansion

The integrated health center also serves as a community education center for youth. In supporting the education center's transition to  asynchronous teaching, we invested in materials (i.e., laminator, copier, binder) to ensure students were adequately supported in their at-home studies.

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