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Day 19: June 4, 2016 -- And then there was 1.

Well Akshay left yesterday and Rodrigo is busy this week because he has to organize some sort of national justice conference, so that’s pretty depressing for me. Today was a pretty chill day. I woke up at 10am went to the gym, got back home and did some MCAT studying. That’s right I have to take the MCAT on August 19th, so if anyone actually reads this and feels like praying for that would be awesome because it is much needed.

I can only study for like 5-6 hours a day max because that’s just the way I am built. So at 3:30pm I decided to go to the Cancha for no real reason other than I was bored. On the way I picked up a copy of La Razon -- Bolivias largest newspaper that we were featured in! Excited I sent a picture to Akshay who promptly replied with “that’s it, that sucks lol,” clearly he was also thrilled. Regardless, it is a big win for RB in general and I posted it all over my personal social media pages. The cancha was fun, I walked around for about 2 hours and ended up buying some fruit. All the apples I bought were rotten but oh well. I also ate a piece of chirimoya which I usually hate but this time it was actually good so I bought some. Then I felt sick later that day…. Oh well!

Then I went to IC norte to buy some vegetables and essentially threw all the food we had at home out because I figured it had gone bad. I made dinner and then did more MCAT studying! Yay! (I hate studying so much). Then I skyped with my mom for 2 hours to pretend to have some human contact.

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