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Current Executive Board (2022-2023)
Sofia Muñoz

Sofia is a senior at Scripps College studying Politics with a concentration in International Relations and a minor in French Studies. She currently helps lead RB's Claremont Chapter. Being born to a family of Bolivian immigrants and having an interest for international development work, she is inspired by RB's goals in providing sustainable and community-driven solutions to public health problems. She hopes to pursue a career in international development.

Executive Director
Gordon Bae, MD

During his freshman summer, Gordon experienced the poverty and suffering of Bolivians living in the outskirts of Cochabamba while volunteering at a rural health clinic. After returning to Harvard College, he found a team of students passionate about global health and alleviating suffering to create Refresh Bolivia. Gordon graduated Summa Cum Laude from Harvard College in 2012 and from Harvard Medical School in 2016. He finished his residency in dermatology at Stanford, where he served as a chief resident. He is currently a Clinical Assistant Professor of Dermatology at Stanford and also serves as the Assistant Chief of Quality, Experience, and Digital Health. His current interests are in education, diversity, and access to medicine. He is excited to continue helping the group grow as an advisor to the executive board.

Advisor & Founder
headshot - Goutham Swaminathan.JPG
Goutham Swaminathan

Goutham is a senior at the University of Rochester pursuing a B.S./B.A. dual degree in Data Science and Epidemiology, respectively. He originally joined Refresh Bolivia during his sophomore year in high school as a volunteer, attending the RB Summer 2017 trip to assist with video production and general volunteer work. Goutham continues to assist with producing grant application videos as well as educational videos for COVID-19 awareness. He is planning to assist with education-related projects and potentially establish a University of Rochester chapter during his undergraduate career. Goutham hopes to eventually obtain a Master's degree and PhD in a public health-related field.

Executive Director
20200410_102631 (1) - Andrea Lanza.jpg
Andrea Lanza

Executive Director
Andrea Rivera

Andrea is currently pursuing a joint MBA and masters in international studies at the Wharton School. Formerly, she was a consultant at the Boston Consulting Group and an analyst at the World Bank. She graduated from Harvard College in 2014 with a degree in Government and Economics. Andrea founded Refresh Bolivia in 2009 and served as  president; now she continues her involvement as an advisor to the executive board. 

Advisor & Founder
Akshay Swaminathan

As former Executive Director of RB, Akshay led the construction of our health center, conducted studies on women's health and attitudes towards medicine in La Zona Sur, established partnerships across Bolivian and American universities, and helped raise over $80,000. He graduated from Harvard with a degree in Statistics and Global Health, and is currently a data scientist at Flatiron Health. An aspiring physician, he plans to pursue a career at the intersection of medicine, data science, and entrepreneurship to strengthen health systems in low-resource areas.

Photo_Ananya Venkatesh.heic
Ananya Venkatesh

Ananya is a senior at Scripps College studying Molecular Biology and Asian American Studies. She currently leads some of the projects and RB’s Claremont chapter. She is also very interested in public & global health as well as improving healthcare in underserved areas, and hopes to continue this with RB in the years to come!

Alex Chaumette

Alex is a junior at Harvard College studying Neuroscience and Global Health. He currently helps lead Refresh Bolivia’s chapter in Cambridge, MA. Traveling to Bolivia for the first time in January 2019, Alex came to admire the people of Cochabamba and their resilience, reminding him of his extended family in the Caribbean. Through managing research and development projects, Alex hopes to apply his interests of teaching and translational science research to public health problems at the community level. He plans to pursue a career in the medical field after college. 

Claudia Ortuño

Claudia graduated from Harvard College in History of Science with a minor in Global Health & Health Policy . Claudia lived primarily in Ecuador for the first three years of her life and goes back every summer. She grew up cognizant that through no fault of their own much of the world lacks many of the basic necessities she took for granted. Consequently, her professional goals involve combining the spheres of business and health to cause the largest impact possible. Claudia directed Refresh Bolivia for 5 years, starting in her freshmen year. She has experience conducting healthcare systems and management work in 9 different countries and was the project leader for our integrated healthcare center. She is currently at Columbia Medical School where she is primarily engaged in quality improvement research to decrease hospital errors and improve health systems. She also serves as a social impact consultant - advising projects that range from family owned business striving to increase their social impact to biomedical device start ups.

Advisor & Founder
Corinne Donnay

Corinne is a Senior at Scripps College majoring in neuroscience and minoring in studio art. She is an active member of the Claremont international community and mentorship programs. She is passionate about approaches to global health, serving as an executive director of Refresh Bolivia and as an Advocacy Chair for Claremont Students for Public Health. After graduation she hopes to pursue a career in public health or medical research, specifically in improving computational approaches in neuroimaging.



IMG_2585 - Lathan Liou.JPG
Lathan Liou

Lathan graduated from Pomona College in 2019 and received his Master's in Epidemiology from the University of Cambridge in 2020. He has also deferred his acceptance to the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. His current interests include cardiovascular and cancer genetic epidemiology, machine learning, and access to healthcare. He founded the Claremont Chapter, and as advisor, is excited to continue to support Refresh Bolivia's growth.

Francisco Matos

Frankie is a senior at Harvard College studying Integrative Biology. He is very involved in the Harvard community, where he is Pforzheimer House Co-Chair, Pforzheimer House Intramural Sports Representative, a keeper and Social/Outreach chair on the Harvard Horntails Quidditch Team, volunteer at Phillips Brooks House Association, and Dorm Crew Captain, as well as serving as the Executive Director of Refresh Bolivia. His passion is to build up each community that he becomes part of, in hopes for the community to flourish. Upon graduation from Harvard College, Frankie hopes to attend medical school in the New England area. His time with Refresh Bolivia and other organizations has reinforced his passion to become a pediatrician and treat children in underserved areas.


External Chapters

Isabelle Lopez

Isabelle is a senior at Scripps College studying Molecular Biology and Chicanx/Latinx Studies. She currently leads some of Refresh Bolivia public heath research and projects. She hopes to apply her passion for global and public health to promoting accessibility to health care in communities that are under-resourced. She is excited to continue contributing to the growth of RB in the years to come. 


Our Partners

SOE Univalle

SOE Univalle is a student leadership society in one of Bolivia's most prestigious universities. They are dedicated to promoting social good in Cochabamba and fostering student leadership. Refresh Bolivia has been partnering with them since January 2017 in realizing our projects. 



Fundación Nuqanchik

Our main partner in the construction of our integrated health center Fundación Nuqanchik, founded by Father Jacques Delort, shares our mission to create a community health center that provides solidarity as well as offers health to the community. The center will feature preventative care, ecological environmental efforts through innovative water systems and gardens. Our local NGO partner, Fundación Nuqanchik provides daily care and empowerment to community members in our absence.  



Serve Abroad

One of our many great partners in Bolivia, Serve Abroad has been an integral component of our new investments into projects geared towards educating and raising global awareness for youth inside the local Bolivian prison system. Together, we run workshops for several dozens of children in these centers and create a lasting impact by providing them with research backed: tools, knowledge, and love so that these struggling youths may begin to flourish. 

Ford College Community Challenge

Through their annual C3 Community Challenge, Ford Motor Company has generously supported Refresh Bolivia by helping to fund several of our recent public health projects, including the construction of our Integrated Health Center.

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